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~*Hell On Earth*~


11 August
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I tend to be pretty shy in person, I don't really talk that much, keep it all in, you know? A lot of people say that I'm really mature for my age, but I really think it depends on my mood. I've been diagnosed with depression, psychosis, social anxiety, and... supposedly, I have symptoms of bipolar. I'm bisexual (if you got a problem with that, keep it to yourself.)

I really like to.. just be me. I love music with all my heart, as long as music is alive, my soul will live!! lol. I also write poetry, and draw (sometimes). I personally don't think I'm good at either, but all my friends tell me I am. Uhh.. I have 2 piercings, and I'm planning on getting a few tattoos, and I hope to get branded, and get do some other body modification(spl?? lol). I do see myself as pretty open minded, but eh.

So yeah, that's me, take it or leave it.